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The global fashion industry is a leading industry, well known for its key players such as Inditex, LVMH, H&M and Nike. The international apparel market is currently valued at 3 trillion dollars, or 3,000 US dollars, so it comes as no surprise that Inditex and Nike are each valued at over a 100 billion dollars.

In this new series, FashionUnited is set to examine the main fashion statistics in 10 countries across the globe, including power players such as the United States and Italy, as well as lesser known fashion markets like Belgium.This series aims to provide answers to questions such as: What is the domestic market size of apparel and footwear? How many people are working the fashion industry? How much do inhabitants spend on fashion?

The fashion industry statistics series will consist of 10 installments looking at 10 different countries and will be published every other week on,,,,,and Want to stay in the loop? Subscribe to our newsletter.

The first installment of the series, which looks at fashion industry in the United State, will be published on Monday, July 4th. The United States is not only one of the largest importers of fashion goods in the world, but is also home to many leading designer labels such as Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Donna Karan and Marc Jacobs. However, did you know that approximately half of the 18,000 fashion designers currently residing and working in the US are originally not American? These facts, and many more, will be shared in the first installment and infographic.

The fashion statistics pages are a product of FashionUnited Business Intelligence. These pages include data on the domestic market size of apparel and footwear, facts and market values on the largest fashion companies and fashion employment statistics. For other data, such as the FashionUnited Top 100, the FashionUnited Facebook Index and the List of Richestest People in Fashion, refer to the FashionUnited Business Intelligence page.





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