Everlane let’s customer choose sale price

Minimalist online retailer Everlane, known for its transparency with regards where its products are being made and its associated costs, are doing something a little different for its first ever post-Christmas sale by allowing customers to choose their own price.

Everlane has selected a number of products, which it states on its website it has been “overproduced,” and is offering three set prices, all below retail, which the consumer can choose to ‘pay what they want’. For instance, the Nubuck Street Shoe did retail for 140 dollars, now shoppers can snap them up for 81 dollars, 97 dollars or 126 dollars.

There is, however, a catch, each price has an explanation for what that amount of money covers, so if a shopper opts for the lowest price, 81 dollars that will only cover the cost of production and shipping, while giving an extra 16 dollars, 97 dollars will help cover overhead’s for Everlane’s 70 plus team, and opting for the highest tier, 126 dollars, still below the original 140 dollars will allow Everlane to invest in its growth and you will also receive a “thanks!”.

Everlane runs ‘pay what you want’ sale

The ‘pay what you want’ sale runs until December 31 and includes footwear, the brand’s wool trench, trousers, jumpers, shorts, T-shirts, scarves and dresses.

The concept is interesting, even thought-provoking, but will consumers enjoying making this decision? If you opt for the lowest price are you squashing a fashion brand that you like by not helping their growth? But then again who will go as far as paying the highest amount? It will be interesting to see which tier was the most popular. However, it must be working as some styles have already sold out so customers seem to be responding.

This isn’t the first time Everlane has done things a little differently. For Black Friday, it donated all of its profits to a #BlackFridayFund which offers a wellness initiative at its Los Angeles factory offering on-site health care, free groceries, and English classes. In previous years, the fashion e-tailer has shut down its entire site on Black Friday.

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