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First debut of 5 brands from the Netherlands at the Fashion World Tokyo 2023 Autumn Show

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Credits: A fish named Fred

We are pleased to announce that 5 Dutch Fashion Brands will be showcased at the "FaW TOKYO 2023 Autumn Exhibition" at Tokyo Big Sight from October 10th (Tuesday) to October 12th (Thursday), 2023 (East 4 Hall A11-36, BRANDS & DESIGNERS EXPO). The booth is adorned with prints inspired by traditional Delft Blue, also incorporated in the brand’s collections shown at the booth. The 5 Dutch Fashion Brands come together to transcend existing boundaries and bring enjoyment to fashion. With financial support from the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) and the EU Trade Program. .

Background Story

The United Kingdom's departure from the European Union, commonly referred to as Brexit, has had a significant impact on trade with the UK, which is an important export destination. In response to the effects of Brexit on businesses, the European Union initiated the EU Trade Program in 2022 to support the recovery of international trade. The Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) acts in the Netherlands on behalf of this EU Trade Program. The decision of the 5 Dutch fashion brands to showcase their products at FaW stems from Japan's distinctive fashion market and visitors from neighbouring Asian nations and beyond. These five brands are entering the Japanese market that is at the forefront of creating a truly unique fashion culture worldwide. We invite you to enjoy the collection of distinctive Dutch fashion brands at the venue.

Brands of The Netherlands:


“A FISH NAMED FRED” is a men’s lifestyle brand that was founded with the desire to make the world more colourful through its original and vibrant designs. We are known for our distinctive print designs that are available in directly managed stores and retail stores in a total of 35 countries globally. Boasting an impressive range of men's clothing and accessories, A FISH NAMED FRED goes beyond the traditional boundaries of fashion to establish itself as a true lifestyle emblem. With a commitment to enhancing every aspect of our daily lives, We embarked on innovative collaborations with other brands in different industries, integrating their iconic prints into carpets and wallpapers, as well as packaging designs for beers and wines to expand Fred’s creative universe.

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SECRID is a stylish card wallet brand. Made in the Netherlands, with the greatest care for quality, people and the environment. SECRID wallets come with special features to prevent your card information from being stolen. With its award-winning design and outstanding functionality, SECRID has successfully established a global presence at over 9,000 retail stores. Industrial design and fashion come together in our pocket- sized essentials. Made in the Netherlands, with the greatest care for quality, people and the environment. Our core principle is that the entire production and distribution chain is a way to make a positive impact on the industry and people, through local production and assembly in sheltered workshops. In 2009, Secrid introduced its first Cardprotector. In addition to being surprisingly handy, it is also beautiful and magical. Behind this pocketwear from Secrid lies a new world. It is a practical and innovative product line that has received multiple international awards for its quality and features. Millions of people around the world have been using them daily for years.

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Since 1996 we are the explorers that search the globe for inspiration, excitement, challenges and magical moments that spark our never-ending curiosity. Collections all start with the inspiration we extract from our personal experiences in life. SINNER can be found in over 3000 retail stores including some of the best global department stores, independent stores and online. The brand has represented innovation, quality, performance and style. First as an eyewear company, today as an international lifestyle and sports brand distributed in more than 24 countries worldwide.


TRESANTI was founded in 2015 as an accessories brand, that evolved into smart casual clothing suitable for any occasion. From everyday life to special occasions, uncompromising quality, and above all comfort. Its name comes from the story of “Three Saints” in Italy, who were brave enough to be different. We are in 412 retail stores and operate a directly managed store after gaining widespread acclaim for its meticulous approach to design and colours, considering the materials used to create products that boast longevity without breaking the bank.

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XPOOOS offers a wide range of unique and high-quality socks and underwear. The intricately designed patterns and prints give a vibrant spirit that radiates excitement and enthusiasm, setting a new standard for self- expression. Our products are distributed to 1,550 retail stores in the world. Elevating beyond mere accessories, our products embody wearable art, offering a unique blend of artistic originality that never fails to make a lasting impression.

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Press Contact

On the occasion of our exhibition, we kindly invite all members of the press to consider conducting interviews. Below, we have prepared an interview information letter for your reference. Throughout the exhibition period, business owners and managers from various brands will be present at our booth. Additionally, we expect a Chargé d’Affaires and a Minister- Counselor Economic and Climate from the embassy to visit on October 11th (Wednesday) from 11 -12 pm only. We are prepared to accommodate various types of interviews, ranging from coverage of the exhibition as a whole to individual interviews with specific individuals. Please feel free to contact us with any inquiries.

  • Muse Press., LTD(ミューズ・プレス) 松尾:matsuo@musepress.com 日吉:hiyoshi@musepress.com
  • A FISH NAMED FRED Rob Schalker / Owner, Founder

  • SECRID Oscar Menzel / Global Business Management

  • SINNER Alice Chen / Asia Manager

  • TRESANTI Ronald Dubbelman / Owner, Founder

  • XPOOOS Joris Bongers / Owner, Founder
  • Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Japan / Theo Peters/ Chargé d’Affaires and Pieter Terpstra / Minister-Counselor Economic and Climate ( October 11th, Wednesday from 11 -12 pm only)

Our Stand Design Concept

LABYRINTH: Within the maze-like expanse, graphic elements will lead the way, urging the discovery of a new gateway in Japan for the 5 brands. With the spirit of exploration and discovery, let us embark on a journey towards the limitless possibilities of tomorrow.

A Fish Named Fred