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Garcia’s steps towards a more sustainable future

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Mar 1, 2022


OMSJ by Garcia, courtesy of the brand

In September of last year, jeanswear brand Garcia, signed the Green Deal on Circular Denim along with other frontrunners in the denim industry. The signatories of the deal made the promise to contribute to a more circular economy by committing to using more Post Consumer Recycled (PCR) materials in their jeans collections.

OMSJ by Garcia, courtesy of the brand

Our Most Sustainable Jeans, So Far.

This March, Garcia will introduce ‘Our Most Sustainable Jeans, So Far…’ (OMSJ) campaign; a collection of jeans made from a combination of 20% PCR cotton and 78% organic cotton and 2% elastane. Currently 1% of post-consumer recycled materials get used to create new garments – as usually it is pre-consumer material (for example, scrap from factories) that is mainly used. By shifting focus to PCR cotton, material that would otherwise end up in landfill has a new lease of life, and there will be less need for new cotton to be grown, therefore reducing pressure on the earth’s resources.

OMSJ by Garcia, courtesy of the brand

‘Our Most Sustainable Jeans, So Far….’ were designed after a close analysis of Garcia’s jeans assortment in both men and women categories. Each pair of jeans features six sustainable features, most notably the use of PCR cotton and organic cotton, but also in the details. For example, each jean has pocketing that has been made from 50% recycled polyester coming from PET plastic bottles, while the top stitching yarn contains 30% recycled polyester and 70% organic cotton. Metal rivets have been replaced with bartack stitches and the traditional back patch has been lasered in an effort to reduce material.

OMSJ by Garcia, courtesy of the brand

EIM Score

Further, the jeans in this collection have all been awarded an EIM Score (Environmental Impact Measuring), a system which measures the wash impact of a certain jean based on the water, energy and chemicals used, and the cost of human labour. The lower the score, the cleaner the jeans. All jeans in Garcia’s OMSJ collection have a “low impact” score.

The journey towards a cleaner fashion industry is a long one, but Garcia is excited and motivated for the changes that have been implemented and for what is more to come.

OMSJ by Garcia, courtesy of the brand

About Garcia

A huge heart for fashion and denim: that’s the strength of the international family business GARCIA. The brand originated in Urbania, Italy in 1972. Maurizio and Isabella Garcia fabricated jeans in a small factory near the so-called Italian Denim Valley. A few years later the brand was taken over by friends and business relations from the couple: a Dutch family.

With points of sale across 27 countries and more than a thousand employees in Europe, the brand has earned its stripes in the fashion industry. The combination of pure, Italian passion with true Dutch entrepreneurship still makes GARCIA an undeniable strong brand.

Contact info Headquarters Garcia | Van Hennaertweg 8 | 2952 CA Alblasserdam

Socials: @weare_garcia @garcia_boys_girls #WeAreGARCIA

OMSJ by Garcia, courtesy of the brand
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