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HANN preserves artisan jewelry in the cookie-less world of 2021

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Acquaintance - ethics and values

Hannelore Vermeir, founder of HANN, travelled to Thailand to pursue her profession as a classical musician at the Thailand Philharmonic orchestra. With the emerge of cheap costume jewelry, she noticed a decline of the highly accredited Thai fine jewelry industry. Since many local manufacturers are unable to adapt to the rapid changes in the market, HANN was born to guard local sustainability and authentic artisanship.

Furthermore HANN strives to support self-esteem and self-confidence in women, as more and more doubts and insecurities arise in a social media dominated world. The jewelry serves as an “en‘hann’cement” of the inner beauty and value of each person, as a reminder that “you are precious”.

Sustainability - slow design and craftsmanship

Conscious consumers want more ethical and sustainable choices when shopping, reflecting the growing demand for fashion brands to become more transparent as a stepping stone towards sustainability.

HANN focuses on durability by choosing high quality over quantity, along with timeless yet contemporary aesthetics that oppose the rise of fast fashion, overconsumption and costume jewelry. The Belgian founded brand aims to sustain the authentic Thai artisanship, passed on from generation to generation, and the survival of their expertise in the fine jewelry sector. By
preserving local craftsmanship, as well as selecting locally sourced precious metals and gemstones, HANN helps to maintain social and environmental values and facilitates transparency in the supply chain. The jewelry collection maintains its exclusivity by limiting mass production and embracing slow design. As an additional effort towards environmental sustainability, the jewelry packaging consists of an eco-friendly, recyclable gift box.

Another subject in the costume jewelry market that can be addressed, is the use of stainless steel and alloys, causing irritation and skin allergies. The supreme quality of Thai sterling silver guarantees a hypoallergenic nature, by absence of irritants such as nickel or lead. The minimal amount of additional alloys found in sterling silver, will also result in less tarnishing. Furthermore HANN Jewelry contains an electrophoretic coating for extra durability against humidity, oxidation and pollution.

Fashion trends & innovation - online marketing solutions

E-commerce and digital advertising have been challenged recently by blocked third-party cookies with Apple’s iOS 14 policy update. Google’s intention to abandon user-based targeting entirely will affect both consumers and advertisers.

Although cookies serve many purposes on the open web which are useful for advanced granular targeting in online marketing, they also compromise privacy by exaggerated practices. Ideally there would be a balance between personalization, relevant customer experiences, and privacy. HANN’s marketing strategies follow the shift from narrow targeting to interest based and contextual targeting, as a solution for future online advertising. Hereby maintaining privacy and prioritizing a pertinent online experience, while simultaneously optimizing monetization for publishers.

Visit the website here.

Read more about HANN Jewelry on the brandpage: fashionunited.com/companies/hann-jewelry

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