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Kidswear trends: A sensorial yet pragmatic approach for FW 24/25

By Guest Contributor


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Credits: Picture: Nanan, kids FW23 Collection, courtesy of the brand

For FW 24/25, kidswear enters a sensorial realm where the power of perception is seen, heard, smelled, touched, tasted and felt. As the understanding of neurodiversity evolves, kidswear designers explore the future of inclusive and adaptive design. Experiences like the sensation of a material on a child’s skin to the psychology behind colors are now integral to the design process. As society approaches children’s mental and physical well-being with a reinvigorated and multi-faced awareness, the kidswear world will address how to design mindfully and purposefully. The leading themes for FW 24/25 are connected by the objective to ensure optimal experiences for all children through design.

Nicole Yee, Director of Kidswear at Fashion Snoops highlights FW24 kidswear trends in the run up to the new buying season.

Cocoon: Neurodiverse Design

Zen-sational design is at the core of Cocoon as every aspect of kids' apparel, accessories, and home is considered, from how the material feels on the skin to the emotions evoked by the color palette. This growing category promotes mindfulness, self-care, and healthy ways for children to express their emotions. A sense of security and calmness is key as soft materials like cuddly fleece and padded down are paired with a looser fit, allowing the ultimate comfort for neurodivergent children.With consumers' growing expectation for multi-functional apparel, Cocoon demonstrates a neutral-driven color palette with easy-to-layer items for a seasonless, core collection that is also gender-inclusive. Complementing the apparel, Cocoon footwear envelopes the foot in cozy materials with adaptable silhouettes that allow for ease of wear. Zen-sational accessories explore the growing fidget or stress relief trend with items that kids can easily wear for therapeutic relief.

Erupt: Extreme Dressing

Nuditos kds F23 Credits: ©Launchmetrics/spotlight

With a ready-for-anything approach, Erupt feeds the need for never-ending transformation in adaptable garments that protect from precarious possibilities whether it be SPF-protected garments or rain-proof finishes. Inspired by unknowable climates and intimidating terrains, the apparel is performance-driven with adaptive design at the forefront. Unexpected colorways, patterns, and graphics paint a new camouflage imagined by undiscovered terrains. Details and materials are purpose-driven and mimic both earth and otherworldly environments. Zip-off sleeves and hoods, removable layers, one-handed adjustable drawstring, and more allow for more seasonless dressing and ease-of-dress for children. Soft fleece and shearling lining provide both comfort and warmth to apparel. Fiery brights contrast with dark, chasm-inspired black and greys on active and outdoor-inspired silhouettes. Accessories and footwear provide optimal function and practicality while vibrant color combinations call to mind nature's breathtaking color palette.

Vignette: Rose-Colored Reverie

Esther FW23 Credits: Pitti Immagine Bimbo

In Vignette, we capture a picture perfect moment in time. A nostalgic touchpoint of blurred reality but rich in the emotions it conjures and the senses it activates. This recontextualizing of the past results in a parody of tradition where classic silhouettes are injected with fun details, bringing an oftentimes humorous spin to new yet timeless pieces. Unexpected proportions and fits on classic styles mesh with cheeky heritage inspired details and unconventional color usage. The reimagining of the old and new inspires a recovered craft where the art of upcycling is both practical and inspirational. Scraps of denim and patchwork create a melange of mixed materials that serve as a tangible map down memory lane. As we cross reference different eras, we also discover and embrace a co-existence of cultures that defines a medley of new meaning and introspective context for a young generation.

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