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Kuyichi offers clothing repairs to your doorstep via MENDED

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Credits: Kuyichi x MENDED

We seem to have forgotten about repairing clothes. Only some people have a garment maker they visit regularly. If we want to move towards a circular clothing industry, repair has an important role to play. That is why Kuyichi, known as a sustainable denim pioneer, and MENDED, a platform offering effortless clothing repairs, have joined forces. With this collaboration, they not only want to extend the lifespan of clothes but also make a statement against the disposable culture in the fashion world.

Kuyichi x MENDED collaboration

Kuyichi and MENDED pursue the same thing: to extend the lifespan of clothes. While Kuyichi focuses on producing timeless, high-quality clothing that lasts, MENDED focuses on clothing repairs due to inevitable wear and tear. Together, they encourage consumers to value their garments more and opt for repair. “For durable brands like Kuyichi, repair is a great way to reconnect with loyal customers.” says Agnes Weber, founder of MENDED.

From disposal to appreciation

When clothes rip, we throw them out. "A shame," says Agnes, "Clothes can very often be repaired perfectly and last much longer. However, most people don't know what's possible or think it's oldschool.” Kuyichi and MENDED have joined forces to change this. Showing that repair gets the most out of your clothes, while saving resources. Zoé Daemen, Corporate Responsibility Manager at Kuyichi stresses the importance of a shift in mindset: "If we change our mindset and start valuing clothing again as a craft rather than a disposable product, we will automatically start taking better care of our clothes."

Credits: Kuyichi x MENDED

Repair your Kuyichi items

Thanks to the collaboration between Kuyichi and MENDED, it is now very easy to get your favourite Kuyichi items repaired. Through MENDED's online platform, customers can easily book repairs, send in their clothes and receive their repaired clothes back within 10 days. Agnes Weber, founder of MENDED, explains: "We have forgotten how easy it is to repair our clothes and also what is repairable. Sharing that knowledge is, therefore, the first step."

Unfashion the Industry

Kuyichi's mission goes beyond making sustainable garments. With the motto 'Unfashion the Industry', they strive for a fashion industry where sustainability is the norm. By choosing quality over quantity and promoting responsible consumption, they aim to bring about positive change. "This collaboration fits our mission perfectly. Not only do we offer Kuyichi customers easy clothing repair, but it also allows us to make people aware of what they can do to extend the life of their clothes. In this way, we hope to improve the impact of our clothing even after purchase."

Clothing repair the 'new normal'

MENDED not only offers high-quality repairs but also makes the whole process effortless and worry-free for the customer. Agnes Weber of MENDED explains: "The great thing about MENDED is that you receive your repaired garment again as if it were new. This gives you the experience of opening a new parcel but in a more sustainable way! We lower the threshold to repair clothes and work towards a new normal where repair is more logical and fun than buying new."

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