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Madewell launches workwear capsule with Dickies

By Dale Arden Chong

Sep 13, 2019

Workwear brand Dickies is putting another collaboration under its belt. After partnering with celebrity stylist and clothing designer Karla Welch, the brand has teamed up with fashion and lifestyle brand Madewell to create a capsule collection.

According to an announcement from Madewell, the 11-piece collection—which is available now on both brands’ websites—ranges from 35 USD to 175 USD and includes everything from coverall jumpsuits and overalls to pants, shirts, accessories, jackets, and accessories in a color scheme that features fall hues along with feminine blush tones.

Madewell continues to expand its customer base by creating collaborations with brands like Dickies. The brand, which is geared towards the millennial and Gen-Z consumer base, recently created a limited-edition collaboration with the Los Angeles-based brand Christy Dawn, which is known for its sustainably made clothes using deadstock materials.

With Dickies, Madewell has created a limited-edition collection showcasing the workwear brand’s utilitarian designs and durable fabrics.

Images: Courtesy of Madewell