Apparently everybody wants to be a fashion capital nowadays. While Nashville might be known for it's rich music history, the Nashville Fashion Alliance (NFA) is seeking to help their fashion scene get the attention their music scene gets. The organization has been an officially chartered organization […]

Lads' magazines have officially met their maker. With the death of Loaded in March this year, the monthly publication whose once alluring combination of not-quite-supermodels showing more skin than clothes featuring articles about cars, boxer briefs and hair gel have lost their allure altogether. Instead […]

Fevrie Tendance is a new fashion line developed by Los Angeles local, Julia Chase. The line was created with the vision in mind of bringing in up-and-coming designers and manufacturers that are directly in America, so that it cuts out the overall costs of the line. “Our project is all about making a […]

Last month, Classic Specs teamed up with Junk Food Clothing for a brunch and shopping experience in Venice, California. The event was on March 7 where guests could eat breakfast bagels while they shop. About 200 people showed up to the dynamic shopping event. Junk Food Clothing is based in Los Angeles […]

A parade of unknowns on the catwalks of Beijing Fashion Week highlights the challenges facing Chinese designers trying to break into an industry dominated by foreign brands: high production costs, excessive retail prices, and customers who still favour Western labels. Not a single international fashion […]

French deputies on Friday voted to ban ultra-thin catwalk models, despite howls of protest from modelling agencies in the world's fashion capital. "Anyone whose body mass index... is below a certain level will not be able to work as a catwalk model," according to the amendment voted in the National […]

Their creations are usually reserved for a few wealthy clients, but European museums are currently allowing the public to admire up close the works of star fashion designers Jean Paul Gaultier, Alexander McQueen and Karl Lagerfeld. The Gaultier show, which opened in Paris Wednesday as part of a global […]

Older women are fronting major fashion campaigns and one of the next Bond girls is 50 -- mature ladies are having a moment, but does it represent a change of attitudes or just a marketing gimmick? With her silver hair styled into a severe bob, clad all in black with huge sunglasses, 80-year-old US author […]

This year, Swarovski, known for its intricate crystal jewelry and accessories, celebrates its 120th anniversary. The anniversary paid tribute to the brand by displaying its crystals and jewels in its newest released collection. The celebration took place in Los Angeles to display the company’s Spring/Summer […]

Footwear brand Clarks Originals has launched its latest campaign on social messaging platform, WhatsApp, as it looks to align its Clarks Desert Boot with youth culture. The digital campaign, called ‘Rats to Rudeboys’, centres around telling the story of the 65-year-old Desert Boot from the viewpoint […]




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