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RawAssembly x Mindful Fashion New Zealand: Session 4 - Traceability

By FashionUnited



There is increasing demand for certified, traceable products and materials. Consumers want higher standards and visibility from the products they buy, and manufacturers want to make sure they can verify sustainability practices in their supply chain. Learn how businesses in the fashion and textile industry can use standards and certifications to ensure traceability, cultivation and processing standards, and what is required to communicate these schemes with customers.

This session, brought to you by Mindful Fashion New Zealand in Partnership with RawAssembly Australia focuses on traceability, best practice in the supply chain and importance of full life cycle impact data to assess sustainability and circularity of fibres and high quality products.

This session hears from FibreTrace™ - Kara Hurry who talks through their journey, and how wool amongst other natural fibres can now be traced using their technology from farm to finished product and beyond.

Kylee Davis from Suedwolle Group- who talks about Suedwolle Group's merino farm in Australia, their connection to New Zealand and how its possible for brands from all over the world to purchase R.W.S merino and trace their yarns from farm to finished garment.

Jordi Beneyto-Ferre from Icebreaker NZ talks about their own journey with natural fibres, how they track their supply chain and their ongoing commitment to #movetonatural and #givingmorethanwetake. Jordi’s vision is for the apparel industry to stop being part of the problem and become an active part of the solution.

Join us to watch session four of this webinar series for an in-depth and exciting conversation that not only highlights incredible supply chain achievements, advanced technologies, animal welfare and environmental protection but also allows others to be inspired and discover new ways of working and potential partners.

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