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Benetton Group may undergo an internal structural overhaul

By FashionUnited


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Benetton Group is looking to reorganize its company

structure, which means that the Italian fashion group may be split up into three separate divisions. According to the Italian newspaper Repubblica, Alessandro Benetton, chairman of Benetton Group, is ready to create a new group of management for the company.

Last year Alessandro commissioned the Boston Consulting Group to create a plan to reorganize the company. The plan details the separation of the company into three sections. One to focus on design, communications and branding, the second for production and the last for real estate and retail. Each division would have its own CEO, accounts and budget to make sure there would be no mixing of the businesses.

Repubblica reported that the splitting of the Benetton Group had already been approved by Edizione Holding, which operates as the holding company for the Benetton Group, and that there will be a meeting to present the separate divisions to the board of the Group on the 28th of November.

Benetton Group announced earlier this year that the company would undergo a major reorganization sometime in the near future.
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