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Woolmark logo turns 50


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50 years ago, Italian graphic designer Francesco Saroglia won an international logo design competition held

by the International Wool Secretariat (IWS). His design was five black bands criss-crossing to form a skein, which is said to represent the softness, elegance and purity of wool.

Since then, the Woolmark company logo has grown to become a worldwide emblem for quality wool, with Creative Review magazine naming it the number one logo of all time in April 2011. In honour of its 50 year anniversary, the Woolmark Company launched a series of festive events in Sydney, to celebrate the ongoing bond between the Australian wool industry and its use in the international fashion industry.

"We are proud to celebrate this anniversary with the World Wide Wool series of events that will involve prestigious global fashion and luxury brands positioning wool as an absolute premium fiber," said Stuart McCullough, CEO of The Woolmark Company.

"Creating such a project in Sydney is a way for giving recognition to sheep farmers who have been producing the best fibers over the last 200 hundred years," added McCullough. The World Wide Wool event held a special shopping night in Sydney last week and a special photo exhibition, "An Artful Thread Between Fashion and Style" was held at the Contemporary Art Museum of Sydney as well.

The Woolmark Company is part of Australian Wool Innovation, a non-profit organization owned by 25,000 Australian wool producers. Since the logo was created in 1964, over 5 billion woollen products has been made which carry the iconic emblem.

The Woolmark Company