Fashion in the news: Brexit, industry challenges & fashion week stress

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What’s next for Brexit?

This week has been chaotic for UK politics, to say the least. British Prime Minister Theresa May’s Brexit Plan suffered an historic defeat in Parliament on Tuesday, leaving many to wonder what her plan B will be considering the deadline to leave the European Union is March 29. A no-deal Brexit would be disastrous for the British economy, as all existing trade deals would disappear, forcing companies to pay to trade with the EU. For those looking to understand what can happen next, the New York Times has listed all the possibilities. The National Public Radio has also published an interesting article answering the most frequently asked questions about the situation, including “why is Theresa May still in office?” and “what is the possibility of a second referendum?”. Finally, if you want to know how a no-deal Brexit would impact the fashion industry especifically, Vogue asked 6 London-based designers what Brexit means for them.

It’s time to talk about mental health in fashion

Fashion professionals are particularly prone to developing mental illnesses due to the fast-paced, high-stakes, competitive nature of the industry. But the issue is frequently swept under the rug, perhaps in order not to compromise the glamorous image that sustains the business. Luckily, some prominent names are already taking upon themselves to open up a conversation. This week, Highsnobiety asked several professionals, including a journalist, a model, a buyer, a designer and a social media influencer, to talk about how fashion week takes a toll on their mental health. “I don’t think I’ve ever not been worn down, both physically and mentally, by the end of fashion week”, said fashion editor Em Odesser. “Without fail, I’ll have a panic attack either the night before or the morning of my first show”. Read the article in full here.

The big issues facing the fashion industry in 2019

The fashion industry is going through major transformations in recent years, and 2019 will not be any less challenging. This week, Forbes magazine listed the biggest issues facing fashion, including forced and trafficked labor, technology and sustainability.

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