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Lee Jeans announces new water-saving dye technique

By Huw Hughes


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Image: Lee Jeans

Lee Jeans has announced a new water-saving dye technique called ‘Crystal Clear’ as part of its efforts to use lower impact dye processes across its ranges.

The Kontoor Brands-owned label said the new technique “drastically” reduces the amount of chemicals needed to dye denim, making it easier to recycle the water from the dye process.

While extra ingredients like compounds and salts are normally used to achieve the traditional blue color of denim, Crystal Clear uses “an organic version”.

This means there is no leftover salt in the dye bath, which can therefore be safely and effectively reused, Lee Jeans said.

The result is less waste, less water and less energy used.

“Crystal Clear represents a significant step forward in the history of denim production and one we are really proud to be implementing at Lee Jeans,” the company said in a release.

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