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Lulu Guinness launches onsite social commerce

By Huw Hughes

May 22, 2019


British handbag and accessories retailer Lulu Guinness is launching onsite social commerce in a bid to create “a more engaging customer experience.”

The retailer is working with social commerce specialist Curalate to bring user generated content in a shoppable format onto its website. Using Curalate’s technology, Lulu Guinness will collate content tagged #HowDoYouLulu from Instagram and displays it directly onto Lulu Guinness’ website. Customers can click on intelligent images in the galleries on Lulu Guinness’s home and ‘Instagram Shop’ pages to ‘Shop the look’.

“Social commerce is set to be an integral part of our E-commerce business,” Tayyaba Malik, head of e-commerce at Lulu Guinness, said in a statement. “Customers often browse on social before making a purchase, so bringing this content onsite - and making it shoppable - will resonate well with them.”

Apu Gupta, CEO of Curalate, added: “Lulu Guinness is committed to using social to enrich customer experience. Showcasing shoppable real-life images of its playful and striking designs onsite will extend the discovery phase of a shopper’s journey that starts on social media, encouraging an increase in dwell time and conversions.”

Photo credit: Lulu Guinness, Facebook

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