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Vince founders decide to leave the company

By Sara Ehlers


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Minimalist label Vince recently underwent changes with its key executive staff. The brand’s co-founders Rea Laccone and Christopher LaPolice have confirmed that they are leaving the company behind.

The brand was first founded in 2002 by Laccone and LaPolice as a contemporary label. Designed in Los Angeles, the founders first sold the brand to Kellwood four years later as the brand became public. It wasn’t until two years ago that the two were both involved with Vince again, when the company recruited them. However, as Vince continues forward, both Laccone and LaPolice have ended their two-year contracts ahead of schedule. “They came in to get the brand on track and to get the quality, aesthetics and the product back to where it was,” chief executive officer Brendan Hoffman told WWD.

As the effortless label grew in the past couple of years, the two founders were called in originally to help bring back Vince’s staples as a brand. As Vince is available in approximately 2,400 locations globally, their work in bringing Vince back to its roots has been complete. At the moment, there is no word on whether or not the two will come back in the future to be involved Vince again, but for now the pair has agreed to end their agreement with the company.