Bridal retailer David’s Bridal recently underwent an executive change. It was just announced that chief executive officer and president Pamela Wallack has stepped down from her role at the company.

In succession, Paul Pressler will takeover Wallack’s role for David’s Bridal. The reason for Wallack’s exit has not been disclosed, however there seems to be no ill will on either side. “We thank Pam for her leadership and are grateful for the many contributions she brought to our company,” the company said in a statement. Wallack worked at David’s Bridal for approximately three years. David’s Bridal was established in 1950 originally in 1950. Although she wasn’t with the company for a very long time, her goal in her time there was to change the brand’s business model.

Pressler will replace Wallack as chief executive officer and president. In his previous experience he worked in executive positions at both Gap Inc. and Disney. Working in retail prior to this job helped to prepare him ultimately for this role. “[He] brings with him an extensive background in retail and a deep understanding of the brand, our customers, and what it will take to continue to make David’s Bridal the ultimately destination for brides,” the company said in a statement.





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