Marc Jacobs just recently made a key change in their staff. The LVMH-owned fashion label just announced the brand's newest creative vision director as John Targon.

Targon joins the iconic fashion house after working as a co-founder and creative director for Baja East. He will start his role effectively on Friday, February 2 with no official role title. According to Business of Fashion, LVMH confirmed that he will join the company but has not disclosed his actual position. “We are happy to welcome John to our design team,” a spokesperson told the publication.

Targon also has previous work experience at luxury brands such as Burberry and Celine. He worked as director of wholesale for menswear for Burberry in 2012 and as national sales director for Celine starting 2009. He also worked as sales manager for Conde Nast before moving forward in the fashion industry to higher-end brands. At Marc Jacobs, it'll be interesting to see the direction that Targon chooses for the label's newest revamp.





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