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Drop culture is coming to IKEA

By Heidi Law

Nov 1, 2018

It looks like the ‘hype’ sales tactic employed by the likes of Supreme and Burberry has spread to the world of furniture. Ikea has announced on Instagram that it is launching limited-edition T-shirts in the Netherlands to celebrate its 75th birthday. With catchy phrases like ‘Billy is my homeboy’, Ikea is paying tribute to their own bestselling bookshelves and creating a cost-effective hype for their brand.

The T-shirts are available in physical Ikea stores, and priced at 9.95 euros for a T-shirt, and 19.95 euros for a sweater. Each store only has a limited stock of a couple of hundred and - given the enthusiastic response from social media - a spokesperson predicts that all stock will be gone within a day. The Instagram announcement has already amassed thousands of reactions in less than 24 hours.

Source: Ikea Instagram, AD.nl

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