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Open, Sesame! You could soon be opening the door remotely for deliveries

By Marjorie van Elven


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What if you could open the door to the delivery person bringing your online purchases even when you’re not home? Online marketplace Zalando and Belgian Post Group (Bpost) are considering to offer just that. With the help of smart home technology, Belgian customers may soon be able to open their doors remotely in order to never miss a package again.

Zalando and Bpost surveyed 750 online shoppers to find out whether they would be willing to allow someone to deliver a parcel to their home while they are away. 50 percent of respondents said yes, and the more they shop online, the more open they are to the idea.

A second phase of the study had shoppers actually test the service by installing smart door locks or doorbells in their homes. Participants were then asked to schedule a delivery or pick-up for an item they wanted to return. The results? Convenience beat concern hands down. An impressive 90 percent of participants said they would continue to use the service.

Does that mean “Open, Sesame” is the future of online shopping? If you’re still not comfortable with the idea, don’t worry. Both Bpost and Zalando see it as an extra service. “In-home delivery could be an interesting new option for our service portfolio. Technology opens an array of possibilities but we also see that customers demand transparency and detailed information on the service”, said Jan Bartels, Vice President Customer Fulfillment and Logistics at Zalando, in a statement. “Every customer has their own needs and delivery preferences”, added Patrick Leysen, Vice President Future Lab at BPost, stressing that, at the end of the day, what both companies want is to make the lives of their customers easier.

One cannot help but wonder: will this become a trend in other countries soon?

Photo: Zalando newsroom

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