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Sarah Jessica Parker’s shoe brand debuts ecommerce

By Marjorie van Elven


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SJP Collection, the shoe brand founded by actress Sarah Jessica Parker in partnership with George Malkemus III, former president of Manolo Blahnik, now has an official webstore. The brand debuted its very own ecommerce website last weekend.

Until now, the shoes were only available online at Amazon US, UK and Germany. The brand was also sold at seven physical stores across the United States, as well as by a network of wholesale partners including Bloomingdale’s, Tootsies, and Hudson’s Bay, and partner retailers in the UK, Canada, Dubai, Hong Kong, Turkey, Australia and the Dominican Republic.

Despite having an international presence, the new ecommerce website does not ship products to clients residing outside the United States. "We sadly aren’t able to offer worldwide shipping just yet but we are working on it!", said Sarah Jessica Parker on Instagram. Her shoes retail for 255 -- 595 US dollars.

Picture: SJP Collection Facebook

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