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Scotch & Soda reveals new brand identity and global store expansion plans

By Huw Hughes


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Dutch fashion retailer Scotch & Soda has revealed a new brand identity amid an accelerated store expansion strategy.

The brand said its new logo “embraces the symbol of unity at the heart of Scotch & Soda’s name which embodies the free spirit of Amsterdam” and blends its classic ampersand with the brand’s initials.

New Scotch & Soda logo

The new identity will be reflected in collections that combine “essentials with eclectic statements, grounding them with surprising details and unique functionality to deliver a modern everyday wardrobe”.

It will first be revealed on the brand's social media channels, website and dedicated app, as well as in several new stores, before its first collections under the new identity are launched in November.

15 new stores to open in 2021

Along with the new look, the Amsterdam-based company said it will be accelerating the expansion of its global retail network, with plans to open 15 new stores and 12 new shop-in-shops over the next six months, adding to its existing retail network of 225 stores and 161 shop-in-shops.

New store in Utrecht, the Netherlands

The expansion will span key markets across Europe, North America, the Middle East and Asia-Pacific, and will see the introduction of a new "Free Spirit" store concept that highlights its new brand identity.

Continuing its expansion in the Middle East, the brand will enter the new market of Israel in April, followed by Qatar, UAE and Kuwait. Meanwhile in Asia-Pacific, a franchise will open in April in Mumbai, India, as well as in October in Perth, Australia.

In addition to the new stores, the brand will also add new showrooms and offices in Shanghai and Milan this spring.

“With our new identity, we want to define our evolution, mark a new era of brand expression and storytelling with a renewed ambition for growth whilst still managing the negative effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on our current performance,” said Scotch & Soda CEO Frederick Lukoff in a release.

He continued: “We are relentlessly optimistic about the future and the next chapter of the brand and its story based on the profound values of unity that drive the unique spirit of Amsterdam.”

Image: Scotch & Soda

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