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Everything you need to know about: Isabel Marant

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Image: Courtesy Isabel Marant FW22

Isabel Marant is a ready-to-wear apparel brand known for its stylish and wearable clothes exuding French style and effortless fashion.


Isabel Marant founded her eponymous label in 1994. After designing clothes for herself and her friends, she soon realised she could turn her passion into a career. After a formal education in fashion design at the Parisian private school Studio Berçot, the French-German designer opened her first store in Paris in 1995. The brand evolved from a secret address of fashion editors to a brand that counts a loyal customer base all over the world.


In the early 2010, Isabel Marant made waves with a wedge-heeled sneaker that soon became the epitome of comfortable French street style. Despite the brands gradual growth and success, the sneaker marked a new chapter in which the brand gained international recognition. Ever since then, Isabel Marant has made a name for itself, embodying effortless style with a tomboyish and bohemian touch. In 1999 Marant launched an off-shoot line under the name Isabel Marant Étoile, consisting of more casual ready-to-wear pieces such as jeans and t-shirts - described by Marant as “real clothes for real moments”. Soon after a lingerie line, as well as a kids division followed. In 2017 the label debuted its first menswear collection, turning Isabel Marant into a cosmos of French chic for several occasions and audiences.


In recent times, the brand has opened a second flagship store in New York. According to the brand, more stores in the United States are to follow. The brand also opened a new store in Berlin, as well as Dubai in 2022 and has simultaneously launched a resale platform for three European markets. With this decision, Isabel Marant has followed the example of many other high end brands that have introduced re-purposing for worn clothing.

Image: Isabel Marant
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