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German exhibition venues prove themselves as vaccination centres

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1.7 million vaccinations carried out in the 1st quarter

Around 1.7 million Corona vaccinations took place at 30 German exhibition venues in the 1st quarter of 2021. This is the result of a research by AUMA - Association of the German Trade Fair Industry. This means that of the approximately 9.8 million vaccinations in total during this period, almost 20% took place on exhibition grounds. After a slow start in some cases due to a lack of vaccine deliveries, almost all of these vaccination centres have been well utilised since March. It is already foreseeable that the monthly number of vaccinations will continue to rise strongly from April onwards.

Vaccination centres had already been set up in individual halls at many exhibition centres in December 2020. In addition to most of the large and medium-sized venues, numerous smaller sites have also been in operation since then. The exhibition centres in Germany have proven their efficiency in the process: They have good traffic connections and visitor guidance, have suitable rooms, modern sanitary facilities, ventilation systems, high safety standards and offer high-quality technical support.

As a rule, only a small part of the capacity at the exhibition centres is used for vaccination activities; the majority of the space is reserved for the main business, which is expected to get going again from summer 2021: organising exhibitions, conferences and events.