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CHARMING incorporates digital technology as a driver for sustainable trims & packaging

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The fashion industry is in the midst of a digital and sustainable revolution and Covid 19 only accelerated this process, for manufacturers and consumers alike. As a global trim and packaging manufacturer, Charming has always been a trendsetter and innovator. So, how does Charming support their customers in adapting to current and future fashion demands? Let’s have a closer look:

3D trim & packaging developments

A digital development of a hangtag in 3D is similar to a traditional, physical development, except the fact that it’s quicker, produces less waste, less shipping and a smaller carbon footprint. It opens the door for a more circular fashion economy.

During the 3D development process of your trims, artwork adjustments can be made quickly and accurately. The 3D trim sample can be shared securely via Charming’s cloud platform and allows the review of digital samples from any location at any time.

The final 3D design of your trim or packaging can easily be integrated into the brand’s existing 3D software and virtual collections.

Charming is currently doing trials with haptic touch screens for digital developments. In the near future this will allow designers and buyers to digitally ‘touch & feel’ their trim and packaging, via a tactile experience.

Soon clients will have access to Charming’s digital trim library. This will expand the digital possibilities for each customer even further.

3D design for trim & packaging items embraces the future of our fashion business, which will be: high-tech, sustainable and on-demand.

Traceability & transparency for sustainability using RFID, NFC & QR codes.

We offer RFID inlays that are PET and acid free and are provided on a paper carrier that can be recycled. Our RFID products have a 100% quality check and verification. They can be embedded in any trim or packaging material. Combined with Charming’s TRUECOUNT software as a service, it provides an easy, accurate and effective method to manage inventory, locate products, and understand your supply chain.

Embedding RFID or NFC tags into your garments or packaging enables you to give your customers more customized shopping experiences, like communicating promotions, product details or even tell the full life cycle of a garment. The possibilities are endless.

RFID technology is increasing its relevance in the circular economy. It is an extremely useful technology for brands that develop sustainability plans and want to be transparent with their customers. A tiny RFID chip simply connects you with the digital world.

Responsible manufacturing - Higg Index

Charming is an early member of the Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC), so we have standardized the measurement of social and environmental impacts in our manufacturing facilities worldwide by applying the Higg Modules. So, besides the certified trim and packaging portfolio, we have also invested in reducing water waste, gas emission, energy and chemicals, but above all: safe and fair social labor conditions.

Consumers are now very environmentally and socially conscious, with many only buying from brands whose values they identify with.

The future ECO-materials for trims and packaging are organic-based

Approved digital samples will become physical products. Charming offers a large range of sustainable and certified materials; FSC, C2C, GRS, Bluesign and Oeko-Tex to name a few. Charming believes that the use of bio-based materials will increase rapidly. We already supply woven and paper trims made or combined with organic cotton, flax, hemp, seaweed, crop and even paper made from animal poo. Leather items are replaced by eco-friendly alternatives, such as fruit based materials (apples, bananas, pineapple leaves) and fungus. The goal is clearly to expand the use of tree free, compostable and biotech materials into our trims and packaging range even further.

Charming’s contact details : info@charmingtrim.com - www.charmingtrim.com - https://www.linkedin.com/company/charmingtrims

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