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3 fashion trends for a more optimistic 2021

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2021 brings with it new trends, and hope for a better year ahead. However, the fashion trends of this year are heavily influenced by the changes brought by 2020, and not necessarily for the worse. Here are some of the key trends for the upcoming, more optimistic year of 2021.

Wild prints and bold colors

2021 brings with it a need for positivity and joy in everyday life. The trend of optimism is already prominent in one of the Pantone colors of the year, Illuminating. This is a sunny yellow that gives a promise of positivity to come. With this the most trendy pieces include anything and everything that can bring a smile to our faces, whether it be whimsical knits or joyous accessories. Brands like Gucci, Bottega Veneta and Prada featured cartoon-inspired knitwear, candy-coloured accessories and cutesy prints in their collections for this year. This provides much needed cheering up for consumers.

Trench coats, reimaged

This year, we will witness the return of the iconic trench coat, but this time with a twist. The most current trench coats feature leather, at least leather accents, and a length long enough to even scrape the pavement. This shows that a classic does stand the test of time, but receives an update with modern silhouettes and bold materials. At the forefront of this trend is of course Burberry, the pioneer of trench coats. Other brands such as Celine, Off-White and Tom Ford have also given their trench coats a modern update. For a truly 2021 look, the trench coat pairs perfectly with a hoodie and sneakers.

From around the house to around the workplace

It is no surprise that in 2021, we are looking for versatility. There is a growing demand for pieces that work both at the home office as well as the real one. We are thus moving past the loungewear but still seeking comfort in smart dressing. The focus is on high quality materials that look elegant but feel good to the skin, such as cashmere, silk and linen. You can see this trend in loose but smart tailoring especially in blazers and pants, luxurious but functional knitwear as well as versatile athleisure. You can find these items from the new collections of for example Marni, Loewe and Off White.

New era of denim

This year, denim has also received an update. Skinny jeans are nowhere to be found, but have instead been replaced by wide and even baggy jeans. This again is related to the versatility and comfort trend, leading us to steer away from skintight denim. If the wide legged denim trend seems too experimental to jump on, an almost equally trendy look can be achieved with the more subtle straight jean. The most current denim colors in 2021 are different hues of blue as well as white. Brands such as Versace, Vanessa Bruno and Celine especially have thus released jeans that feature patchwork, wide legs and white colorways.

These trends together lay the foundation for a more optimistic year to come. It is clear that the past year has shaped the ways of dressing in very tangible ways. Perhaps 2020 has changed fashion permanently, and maybe even for the better.

Header image: website 24Sevres

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