Athleisure is here to stay

Healthy living, with all that this entails, has long moved from being a trend to the spirit of the age. This finds expression in a sense of euphoria for healthy food and photos of it on Instagram, an increased passion for sports and a fashionable style that helps to bring a healthy lifestyle in line with an increasingly more flexible professional landscape – voila: athleisurewear.

In Hall 2 at Premium everything will revolve around the theme of athleisure. Young brands like Morotai, the sportswear label that succeeded in making an impact in the ‘Lions’ Den’, [German TV programme following a similar principle to the UK’s ‘Dragons’ Den’] meet brands like Casall, a Swedish fitness brand that has been delivering top quality products for fitness aficionados since the 1980s. Dresp is, like Morotai, a German brand; though it brings together the athleisure trend with lingerie influences, creating looks that work both for yoga and for dancing at a party afterwards. As the name suggests, Califortunate comes to Germany from the epicentre of the athleisure lifestyle: Venice Beach, California. The brand’s super-casual clothes create a stir, with high-quality materials and relaxed shaping. Body Language Sportswear, also Californian in origin, is a favourite with Jennifer Lopez and Eva Longoria – the powerful woman of today chooses high-performance styles that are ready to join in any sporty escapade. Other athleisure brands include Pyrates, Arys, Desigual Sports, Flip Flop and the White Brand from Spain.

Athleisure is here to stay

A fashion show will take place each day at 12 noon to present the stylish athleisure looks – styled by influencers Cloudy Zakrocki from Refinery29 and Jelena Lieberberg from Kick Ass Yoga, as well as Philine Pi Roepsdorf, a Scandinavian blogger and model.

Anyone looking for an occasional energy booster will not have to look far: healthy bowls from Beets&Roots provide a helping of deliciousness without the guilty conscience; and herbal shots by Nouri ensure a healthy kick of freshness.





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