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Contemporary menswear brand Dstrezzed launches the new FW24 collection

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FW24 Collection Credits: Dstrezzed

Brace yourself for a winter like no other and garments that can handle it. This collection was created following a captivating exhibition by a local Inuit artist, where craft, culture and friendship fused together for the evening.

FW24 with Dstrezzed

The Gallery Copenhagen is proud to present artwork from the series, "Where the Wild, Meets the Refined," an Inuit-inspired journey featuring works by internationally acclaimed artist, Isla Nielsen. For over twenty years, she has been capturing the essence of Inuit craft through her wall decoration art, honoring the resilience and craftsmanship that is core to their culture. The Inuit people are native inhabitants of Greenland. Though exposed to extremities with cold, harsh winters and long, dark nights, they still find beauty in the landscape that surrounds them.

FW24 Collection Credits: Dstrezzed

It's the opening night of Isla's exhibition and close friends and family - including the brotherhood - have gathered. Presented in a grand yet welcoming space, the exhibition has brought curious minds together, eager to be enchanted by the Inuit tales and transported to another world they're not familiar with.

As the tranquil night goes on, the unique craftsmanship of the Inuit people has the whole room captivated. The patterns and embroideries, a perfect balance struck between functionality and elegance, each piece showing an adaptable and strong nature.

Tonight, the inspiration for the FW24 collection has been brought to life.

Video: FW24 Collection by Dstrezzed

Every garment tells a story

Inspired both by Isla's unique creations and the resilience of Inuit culture, the FW24 collection is an experimental journey that pushes the boundaries of Dstrezzed. They’ve placed a greater emphasis on materials and techniques to create stylish garments that protect from the cold and elements. Including their octagon design, teddy, damask and corduroy fabrics, the result is distinctively Dstrezzed. Drawing inspiration from "Where the Wild Meets the Refined", this expedition of the mind has culminated in a unique seasonal collection. A showcase of Dstrezzed’s boldest and most attention-grabbing pieces yet, with striking statements in pattern, fabric, and color choices.

FW24 Collection Credits: Dstrezzed
FW24 Collection Credits: Dstrezzed

Take your own journey with the FW24 collection. A combination of function and aesthetics that allows you to brace the cold, magical world of the unknown.

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