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Diesel launches 2020 Pride initiatives

By Kristopher Fraser

Jun 17, 2020


In honor of Pride Month, Diesel has launched its second series of Pride initiatives, which includes a capsule collection, For Successful Loving, as well as a new film titled "Francesca" starring model and activist Harlow Monroe.

Diesel will support two international projects dealing with gender identity and integration into the work market: the SF LGBT Center (San Francisco Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Community Center) and the TGEU (Transgender Europe). The capsule collection campaign features talents from the LGBTQI+ community including Ian Isiah, Harlow Monroe, Sofia Malamute, Kai Isiah Jamal, and Stella Lucia. The collection features 49 pieces in total including exclusive beachwear, tees, underwear, and accessories with the iconic Diesel for Successful Loving print.

The "Francesca" film was Directed by Francois Rousselet and realized with the advice of Diversity, an Italian association committed to promoting social inclusion, the short video features a young woman who is assigned male at birth. The film sees her transitioning through life, in feats both big and small, as she achieves her dreams.

Diesel launches second year of Pride initiatives

Although Pride parades around the globe have been cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic, Diesel is working on supporting Pride by giving back to organizations in support of LGBT causes and to further representation of queer people through the campaign and the "Francesca" film.

Details in the collection include two adaptations of the Diesel logo, the first a circle rainbow icon with the phrase, "Diesel Only the Brave," and the second, and perhaps the more bold of the two, a block text showing the iconic cookie logo reworded for the occasion with "Diesel for Successful Loving."

To generate contents around the capsule, Diesel followed social distancing and health and safety guidelines. As a result, all assets depicting and showing the Diesel 2020 Capsule Collection Dedicated to Pride have been created by LGBTQIA+ individuals around the world with each campaign star creating imagery through their lenses and in their own homes and places of shelter.

photos: courtesy of PR Consulting