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Ecolife by Belda Lloréns, to infinity and beyond with its E*GEC

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Belda Lloréns, in its commitment to always going one step further, and as a carbon neutral, zero emissions company working the circular economy or innovating with surprising new textile products, now presents its new E*GEC® by Ecolife, a more than sustainable, regenerative thread consisting of 50% Good Earth Cotton® and 50% Recycled Cotton or Tencel®.

One of its components, Good Earth Cotton®, is the Earth’s first climate positive cotton based on modern regenerative agricultural practices.

Its main features are:

· Carbon sequestration
· Soil enrichment
· Effective crop rotation
· Precision planting
· Minimum tillage
· Water efficiency

Capturing 335 kg of carbon per bale, on average, it uses 20% less water than conventional cotton and reduces annual energy usage by 5%. The cotton grown is capable of absorbing more CO2 than it emits, completing a regeneration process and, furthermore, it is certified and controlled.

All of this together with the other 50% of our Recycled Cotton or Tencel®, make E*GEC one of the most sustainable cotton threads in the world.

E*GEC by Ecolife is also traceable thanks to FibreTrace®, the technology that provides the complete picture of the supply chain in real time, from the raw material through to the fibre, the thread and even the end consumer.

With this entire careful process from its point of origin, together with the transparency of its traceability, the carbon neutrality of Belda Lloréns as a business and all the commitment to quality, innovation and the sustainability that its system entails, make E*GEC by Ecolife a unique product for the latest sustainable fashion and home collections.

Ecolife is already known for its extensive track record in the manufacture of recycled, sustainable threads such as its Best Sellers, EBestCotton, ECotton, EPolyCot and EViscose, or its latest release with hemp fibres, E*Hemp.

For more information, please contact:

Belda Llorens
Sustainable Fashion