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Fashion's Favourite: Top 10 Most Popular Blogs in H1 2016

By Vivian Hendriksz


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London - It is said that the birth of the internet and the rise of social media ushered in a new era of influencers: fashion bloggers. Once seen on the fringes of fashion week, the most viable digital influencers have grown to become an intricate part of the global fashion industry. Never before has their influence be able to reach as far or as wide as today, and the most popular fashion bloggers across the globe have managed to turn themselves into a brand of their own. But which blogger wields the most influence? Which fashion blogs are the most popular?

In order to calculate which fashion blog is the most popular worldwide, FashionUnited looked at the number of Instagram followers, Facebook followers and Twitter followers as well as Pinterest followers and Instagram hashtags each blogger holds. The formula is based on the influence each social media channel has for the fashion industry, so seeing as how Instagram is the industry's favourite it weighed the most in the final calculation. A blogger's mentioned on Instagram heavily weighed in the final calculation, as the more shares and mentions highlights the vastness of a blogger's reach.

Interested in the Top 10 but no time to read the whole story? Click here for the 30-second version.

Top 10 Most Popular Fashion Blogs in H1 2016

Unsurprisingly, at the top of the ranking sits Chiara Ferragni, otherwise known as The Blonde Salad. Since launching her blog, TheBlondeSalad.com back in 2009, Ferragni has rapidly become one of the most influencial fashion bloggers in the world. She has worked with numerous fashion houses, is creative director of her own shoe line and has graced the covers of magazines such as Vogue, as well as the front row of all the major fashion weeks.

Ferragni has also seen the biggest rise in Instagram followers over the last 6 months as well, gaining an additional 1 million new followers, further cementing her spot as the most popular fashion blogger. Next up is Camila Coelho, who first started her blog as a way to share her love for makeup and beauty with the world. Since then she has branched out into fashion and in the process gained over 4 million Instagram followers alone.

Coming in third place is English rose Tanya Burr, who also began her blog as a way to share her passion for cosmetics. Although Burr made the decision to discontinue posting on Pinterest, she has increased her followers on Instagram and Twitter, boosting her Twitter followers from 1.7 million in December 2015, to over 1.9 million followers. In total, Burr welcomed 240 thousand new followers in the first half of 2016.

Top 5 Most Popular Fashion Blogs on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter

US fashion bloggers Song of Style and Sincerely Jules round out the top 5 list in fourth and fifth place respectively. Sincerely Jules recently lost nearly all of her 50 thousand likes on Facebook when she linked to a new page, went sent her blog likes down to 1,300 Facebook and further down the top 10 list. Kayture from Greece, Negin Mirsalehi for the Netherlands, Depois dos Quinze and Thássia Naves both from Brazil, complete the top 10 most popular fashion blog ranking.

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