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From celebrity status to fashion designer - Part V: Gwen Stefani

By Sara Ehlers


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In the Los Angeles social scene, many celebrities have used their stardom status to reach new heights in the fashion industry. In fashion today, fashion houses, lines, and designers have come from some of Hollywood’s “Most Famous.” Although in this realm of entertainment, some actors and actresses catch their fiery pop-culture stature, it does not always lead to automatic success. However, a couple celebrities have broken this mold into the coveted fashion world (such as Nicole Richie , Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, Lindsay Lohan, Victoria Beckham, etc.)

More than just launching new lines and designing new concepts, these stars have surpassed through their five-minute fame into well-respected, elitist fashion positions. Whether springing an entirely new vision of fashion or anticipating meticulous details to create a sacrosanct collection, these famed stars have worked their way to become our fashion idols, moguls, and icons. The question remains: How did they get there?

A famed celebrity who is known for one of the most prosperous seamless transitions from stardom to fashion-fame is Gwen Stefani.

Gwen Stefani gets her start in entertainment through ska band No Doubt

Gwen Stefani first bursted into the entertainment industry through her musical talents as the female lead singer of ska-pop band No Doubt. The band formed in 1991 and released its self-titled debut album the year after. Hits from the band included “Don’t Speak,” ”Im Just A Girl” ”Underneath It All,” and more. The band received worldwide mainstream success, and Stefani was named “The Queen of Confessional Pop” in late 2000. Their album Tragic Kingdom (1995) received Grammy Award nominations in 1997 and 1998 and ended up selling more than sixteen million copies worldwide.

In 2004, Stefani went solo with her debut album Love. Angel. Music. Baby. (L.A.M.B.). The album featured various collaborations with music artists such as Linda Perry, Andre 2000, and more. The debut album sold 309,000 copies on its first week and reached multi-platinum status in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada. Her hit-song from the album, “What You Waiting For?” became a commercial success and reached the top ten on several music charts. Using that album name as inspiration, Stefani also turned her attention to a new career venture.

Stefani launches L.A.M.B. to start her fashion career

That same year, she launched her first fashion line, L.A.M.B. With help from stylist Andrea Lieberman, Stefani was introduced to haute couture clothing. Stefani’s personal fashion largely influenced the line, drawing inspirations from Japanese, Guatemalan, and Jamaican styles. “Designing is something that I’ve always loved and dreamed about,” said Stefani. “And L.A.M.B. just keeps getting better every season,” Stefani states on her website. The passion project started in Stefani’s humble kitchen and grew into the global business it is today with extensive partnerships. Currently the line offers apparel, handbags, shoes, and more. The aesthetic of the brand reflect a Californian-influenced rocker-chic vibe. Pieces include funky pants, graphic tees, billowy dresses, and eclectic jackets. Pieces for the line range from 39 to 189 dollars. Stefani’s innate sense of style influences the mix of feminine and masculine silhouettes with a touch of Hollywood glamour. “I like the contrast and the clash and the resulting balance you get from mixing soft and hard elements,” said Stefani.

The line ended up garnering the attention of several celebrities such as Teri Hatcher and Nicole Kidman. Inspired largely by Harajuku fashion, the following summer, Stefani expanded her collection by introducing a more affordable Harajuku Lovers line. She referred to the new line as a “glorified merchandise line.” The new line varied in products with apparel, handbags, mobile phone charms, and underwear.

L.A.M.B. makes an estimated annual gross income of 90 million dollars

Overall, the line achieved mainstream prosperity, in large part due to its success at New York Fashion Week in 2005. Currently, Gwen Stefani's net worth is pegged at 80 million dollars. Her L.A.M.B. is estimated to make an annual gross income of 90 million dollars. The line was well-received by critics.

Aside from fashion, Gwen Stefani also garnered further celebrity status by appearing as a judge for the reality television show The Voice. She appeared as a judge for season seven of the series. Also, since then, she has been continuing her music career. During last year’s New York Fashion Week, she told MTV News that she is working on a new solo album for music as well as No Doubt album. As far as fashion, her L.A.M.B. line seems to be doing more than fine.

From celebrity status to fashion designer
Gwen Stefani