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One of These Days x Woolrich

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Picture: One of These Days x Woolrich, courtesy of the brand

The collaboration between One of These Days and Woolrich comes to life with a limited-edition wool blend blanket that reinterprets Woolrich’s iconic staple with Matt McCormick’s signature style. The exclusive accessory inspired by McCormick’s original artwork will be launched in the Fall/Winter 2022 as the first installment of the partnership between the two American brands.

“Our goal with One of These Days is always striving to find the middle ground between fashion and fine art, and that is no better represented than this collaboration with my painting “You Don’t Miss The Water Till Your Well Runs Dry” being beautifully placed on a timeless Woolrich blanket. A truly functional piece of art.” – Matt McCormick

The One of These Days x Woolrich blanket will be available December 13, 2022 at oneofthesedays.com, Woolrich.com and select Woolrich stores from 6 pm CET.

About Matt McCormick

Matt McCormick (b. 1987) is a multimedia artist, whose artwork assimilates a diversity of cultural influences culled from the American West into an artistic vision that is as unique and dynamic as the topography itself. Within McCormick’s body of work, seemingly incompatible elements cohabitate with ease—reflecting the conflicting histories of Western culture. Here, as in his paintings and drawings, nostalgia for a fabled past abuts the realities of the “American dream” that confront him daily in Downtown Los Angeles and New York, where his studios are located. He embraces these gritty aspects as equally formative to the Land of Liberty as the homestead towns, gold rush bonanzas and 1950s Hollywood glamour that captivate our popular imagination. His works ruminate on the striking contrast between the physical inheritance of the Wild West, populated with dejected and disposable objects, and the vibrant cultural legacy that remains as alive today as ever before. McCormick’s art embodies the true spirit of America, but also the human condition, replete with renegades, risk takers and outlaws. He lives and works in Los Angeles and New York. His work has been exhibited in solo and group shows in New York, Paris, Hong Kong, Miami, London, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Aspen, and San Francisco.


Founded in Pennsylvania in 1830, Woolrich is part of the fabric of the American outdoor landscape, having produced high-quality garments for outdoor enthusiasts for over 190 years to equip those with a passion for exploring. The brand has pioneered pieces that have become icons, such as Blankets, the Buffalo Check Shirt, and the Arctic Parka. Wear Woolrich to pursue your endeavors whatever the weather.

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