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Pepe Jeans launches its New Dry-Cult finish

By Vivian Hendriksz


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London - Pepe Jeans London has just launched its latest finishing treatment, the Dry-Cult finish. This new finishing process promises to offer denim jeans that "already worn-in and loved" look while preventing crocking and colour bleeding.

The new finishing treatment also boosts anti-bacterial qualities which offer anti-odour qualities, which means consumers can wear embrace their natural jeans wear and tear easier, without having to wash them as often.

Pepe Jeans notes that the "Dry Cult" finish has been around for nearly as long as denim itself, and wearers used to wear their raw denim jeans in the bathtub or swim in them to achieve the perfect worn-in look. But with the implementation of modern technology, this gave away to techniques such as sandblasting and stonewashing, as the rise of skinny jeans paved the way for stretch denim, raw, rigid denim became less popular.

However, Pepe Jeans London's new Dry Cult finishing combines the look of rigid denim with the feel of stretch denim, while protecting the jeans from any bleeding and crocking. The new finishing process fixes the indigo dye in place, allowing for a longer wear time to make the jeans your own.

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Photos: Courtesy of Pepe Jeans

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