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Sustainability @ HNST

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At HNST (read honest) we think that feeling good is as important as doing good. Therefore, we produce jeans with a clean conscience that have absolutely nothing to hide.

We believe that the product with the lowest impact is the one that already exists. That is why we harvest old jeans and recycle them into new fabric. Doing this, we developed the most honest denim on the market, containing 56% recycled denim, 23% Greek cotton and 21% Tencel.

Designing for a circular lifecycle, we avoid making design mistakes, which we define as those elements of a garment that prevent it from being recycled at the end-of-life. Therefore, we stay away from metal trims, opting for embroidered rivets instead. Our buttons are unscrewable and reusable, making them replaceable when necessary and easily removed at the end-of-life.

Moreover, we eliminate material blends and choose natural over synthetic wherever possible. For example, we avoid using polyester labels by printing all necessary information on the inside of the pockets. Our back patches are made from Jacron, our fabric is 100% natural and contains zero synthetics fibers. This way we ensure recyclability and cancel any microplastics shedding from our jeans.

Through our circular design and value chain we have been able to save 6693 liters of water per jeans and emit 76% less CO2 compared with industry standards.

The HNST production process is fully located in Europe. Hereby we ensure ethical and fair working conditions, while minimizing the environmental impact of transport and maximizing the transparency of our products and value chain.

Read more about HNST on the brandpage: fashionunited.com/companies/hnst

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