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David Traxler named COO of Corum


David Traxler named COO of Corum

By Kristopher Fraser

Aug 12, 2015

David Traxler has been named COO of Swiss luxury watch brand Corum. Prior to his newly announced role, Traxler was CEO of Chopard Italy. Corum has yet to provide any details regarding the new appointment, including Traxler's start date.

Corum was purchased by China Haidian Group, which was renamed Citychamp Watch & Jewelry Limited last year. The group also owns the brands Eterna and Rotary, in addition to the Chinese brands Rossini and EBOHR. Hon Kwok Lung serves as the group's chairman.

In the last two years, Corum has worked on reducing the number of references and introducing more entry-level priced offerings. Their current management structure has the brand led by an executive committee comprising of five executives from Corum and two from Citychamp, all headed by Executive Vice President Jacques-Alain Vuille. It is unclear how the structure will change with Traxler's new COO role.