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Bershka leverages 3DLook virtual try-on to boost online sales

By Vivian Hendriksz


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YourFit, by 3DLook Credits: 3DLook

Bershka has unveiled a new partnership with 3DLook, a leader among AI-first mobile body measuring and virtual fitting technology, to enhance its online shopping experience.

Through the strategic partnership, the Inditex owned brand is set to leverage 3DLook's virtual fitting room solution Yourfit, thereby removing the fit and sizing guesswork associated with online shopping.

Customers can opt for a virtual try-on experience on Bershka's website by selecting an item and clicking on the "See how it fits me" widget. Accessible on all mobile devices and laptops, the technology requires customers to take two photos - front and side views.

Utilizing artificial intelligence, a voice assistant guides customers through the process, ensuring optimal posing for accurate results. The innovative 3D mapping technology ofYourFit, combined with its advanced size recommendation system, delivers immediate advice on the most suitable size while creating an exceptionally realistic and accurate virtual fitting experience.

YourFit, 3DLook Credits: 3DLook

The tool not only provides a virtual garment fitting but also offers personalized size recommendations through 3DLook's YourFit technology. This approach aims to significantly reduce return rates, a common issue in online apparel shopping, while boosting conversions. According to Coresight Research, the average return rate in the US is 24.4 percent. However, retailers and brands using 3DLook have reported a 6 percent decrease in returns, a significant number.

"We want to provide the very best customer journey available, which requires removing the inconvenience of returning goods that don't fit quite right and providing the interactive experience young shoppers desire today," said a representative from Bershka's ecommerce department in a statement.

"We selected 3DLook due to its track record of delivering results for leading fashion brands, and — given the team's willingness to go above and beyond to assist us during the setup — we're confident this partnership will help us to achieve our goals."

Whitney Cathcart, co-founder and chief commercial officer of 3DLook, emphasizes the dual benefits of the technology. For consumers, it offers assurance in size and style choices, thereby reducing the need for size bracketing and returns. For retailers, the AI-driven technology contributes to more streamlined operations by lowering return rates and orders with multiple sizes.

YourFit, 3DLook Credits: 3DLook

"The fashion industry is undergoing rapid transformation, with a strong focus on sustainability and efficiency — and it is up to the industry giants to lead by example," said Cathcart in a statement. "Our virtual fitting room technology has the power to revolutionize the online shopping experience and contribute to the development of a greener, more sustainable, and efficient fashion industry by reducing the number of size-related returns and appeal to a younger camera-driven digital generation.

"We are thrilled to embark on this journey with Bershka and anticipate its future expansion."

In addition, 3DLook solutions also provide valuable anonymized data on consumer body shapes, potentially revolutionizing product development and manufacturing processes to cater to diverse body types.

Currently, the technology is best suited for standard clothing items such as tops and bottoms. It is less effective for tighter garments like swimwear, but the sizing feature remains applicable. While the technology is available for a select range of items on Bershka's website, there are plans for future expansion.

This development marks a significant stride in personalization and customer experience in fashion retail, aligning with the increasing interest in virtual try-on technologies focused on accurate sizing. British department store John Lewis piloted a try-on service for its fashion rental offerings earlier this summer, while Valentino became the first luxury brand to experiment with virtual try-on this June.

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