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JCPenney to provide free headshots for customers to help them succeed

By Vivian Hendriksz


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Credits: JCPenney

Department store chain JCPenney has launched a new limited-time offer to its customers with the aim of helping them pursue their dream careers. Together with JCPenney Portraits by Lifetouch, the department store is offering 3,000 customers free professional headshots.

“At JCPenney, we are committed to serving America’s diverse, working families. Snapshot for Success is one way we’re standing with our communities to help make the most of every customer’s career moments,” said Andre Joyner, chief human resources officer at JCPenney, in a statement.

“Whether you’re graduating this Spring, overcoming a resume gap after stepping away from your career, or looking for your next role, we want to be a part of this exciting stage of your life and career.”

JCPenney Snapshot for Success Credits: PR Business Wire

From today onwards, customers can sign up for professional headshots at participating JCPenney Portrait studios, free of charge. Registration for the headshots is set to run until February 7 or until all 3,000 headshots are claimed, and sessions can be booked through to March 11, 2024.

“Through our Make It Count promise, JCPenney is committed to matching the efforts of our customers as they work to make every moment count,” said Katie Mullen, chief customer officer at JCPenney, in a statement. “Shoppers already know they can rely on JCPenney for everything they need to land their dream role, but through services like JCPenney Portraits, we’re uniquely able to equip them with an accessible, professional headshot.”

Customers must book their free headshot sessions with JCPenney Portraits by Lifetouch via their website and will need to show their coupon at checkout.

JCPenney's Snapshot for Success initiative follows on from its previous career-focus drives, such as its Suit Up events. Partnering with colleges across the nation, the department store chain hosted approximately 500 events last year where students were eligible for a 30 percent discount on professional attire.

This year, JCPenney has already planned over 200 Suit Up events across retail locations nationwide, set to take place from January through to April.

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