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3D printing footwear intro weekend

Course Summary School: The Footwearists

Location: Netherlands, Rotterdam

Education: Diploma

3D printing footwear intro weekend
In collaboration with FUSED Footwear and Makerhive Hong Kong we are presenting a new weekend workshop for footwear professionals that want to understand more about 3D printing. Whether you want to make prototypes or are actually considering to use printing as a production method, this weekend is the perfect start for you! It is even at a very convenient time, right after two important footwear trade shows in Hong Kong, so you can simply extend your stay and return as a 3D printing expert!
Since it is a fairly new technology, there are still quite a lot of misunderstandings about 3D printing and this workshop will help to easily solve those by providing footwear-specific and hands-on information, training and demonstration. 
First of all, there is not just one kind of printing, there are many different methods. You can also not simply state that one is better than the other, they are each suitable for different purposes, materials and price ranges. There are also many software packages for 3D design and we will give an overview of those options as well. However, these programs only determine the shape of a 3D design. The actual properties of a 3D print are determined by the program that prepares the design for the printer, which is called a slicer. Understanding how slicing works is essential knowledge for anyone working in 3D printing, no matter what your goal is. After this weekend you will have a good understanding of the entire printing process process, so you will be able to determine which printing solution is best for your specific needs.
During the workshop you will be working with all kinds of (FDM) printers, from basic to advanced. This printing method is especially suitable for footwear, both for prototypes and wearable shoes. Other printing methods will be demonstrated and discussed through various examples and videos. The class is taught by 3D printing veteran Philippe Holthuizen, who combines his experience as a footwear designer for brands like United Nude - who are known for their advanced application of 3D printing  - with a broad background in digital creation methods.
Attention: this weekend focuses on printing, not on learning how to design in 3D. You will be provided with 3D designs to work with. If you want to learn how to make your own 3D designs, then please join our in-depth Digital Creation course!
Course program:
Saturday morning: introduction to all kinds of 3D printing; learning to distinguish which method is applied for which purpose, including 3D design software packages, machinery, materials and price difference
Saturday afternoon: introduction into slicing, in other words, how to prepare a file for printing. This is the most important part of the printing process and it is unique to 3D printing. This software determines how a print will behave, NOT the design software. In class you will use Cura (which is free) and you will get demos of Simplify 3D, which is advanced slicing software, but not free. As a 3D printing beginner you might not need this yet. You will slice one or more pre-made 3D designs yourself - such as small footwear parts - and some of those will be printed overnight.
Sunday morning: You will review what was taught on the first day, analyzing the prints that were made during the night; looking at possible flaws and discussing how those can be prevented. You will then slice the same designs with other settings, print again, and study the difference.
Sunday afternoon: You will get a demonstration of how to slice a full shoe and how to start that print. You will also experience how to print on textile, to make decorations and/or supports for a shoe. There will also be time to get one-on-one advice from Philippe about your specific printing goals.
Course details:
Level: if your goal is to print only full shoes, then you do not need any prior shoe knowledge to enter this course. However, if your goal is to add 3D printing to your current types of manufacturing, or to use it for prototyping, you will need a good understanding of how shoes are made in the footwear industry. This is why we do label this as an intermediate level course.
Location: Makerhive, 10th Floor, Cheung Hing Industrial Building, 12P Smithfield, Kennedy Town, Hongkong
Duration: one weekend
Maximum number of participants: 12
Teacher: Philippe Holthuizen
Dates in 2018:
March 17-18, right after Fashion Access and APLF Leather + Materials
Course times: 09:30 - 17:00 each day
Price: 2 class days at an intermediate level price, this amounts to 4000 HKD . This amount is to be paid in advance.
Included in the course price: printing materials used in class
Not included in the course price: food and beverage, flight tickets, hotel accomodation, transportation to and from Makerhive
What you need to bring: please bring your own laptop (PC or Mac) with a mouse (slicing works much easier with that)
How to apply: please send an email with your CV (LinkedIn profile) and short motivation to join this course to info@footwearists.com.
Possible extras:
Philippe has his own 3D printed shoe brand FUSED Footwear. During the weekend you will be able to order your own pair at a special price.